Issues Burton Brink Is Concerned About...

Without feedback, there is no growth. As your State Assemblyman, I will work to ensure your government is responsive, reflective, and accountable so that it may improve. I want to make the frustrating stories of dealing with the state a thing of the past with comprehensive reform. I will make sure information is made public, and recommendations assessed to improve government.
Jobs And Economy
With participation in the workforce at its lowest point in 4 decades, we’re adding the wrong jobs and potentially courting the wrong businesses. Government’s main job is to keep its citizens safe, not tax companies until they leave or keep them from opening in our community.

I’ll fight to attract companies to the San Gabriel Valley and keep them here. Also, I’ll reduce red-tape and make most transactions businesses must conduct with the area available digitally. I will also work to create partnerships between local businesses and our local high schools to ensure that our children have quality jobs waiting for them when they graduate.
Public Safety
Government’s first and most important duty is public safety.

Violent crime is up 5.2% across Los Angeles County and with the recent passage of Proposition 57, there will be an estimated 16,000 violent criminals being released into our communities. That’s why we need leaders who know what it takes to fight crime and keep our neighborhoods safe. As a Deputy Sheriff and Sergeant (now retired) with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I’ve done just that, for the past 29 years.

As a veteran law enforcement officer, I have been working in our community taking the criminals to jail, only to have our legislature in Sacramento, let them back out tying the hands of the judges. I have investigated numerous shootings, robberies, burglaries, drive-by shootings and criminal gang activity, that I have the pulse of what is happening in our communities and with what our law enforcement officers must contend with. I have prioritized public safety as one of my focus for keeping our communities safe!

There’s plenty that our government can cut, before compromising public safety and letting criminals out of jail is NOT the answer! I fully support the 3 strikes law, and I oppose any form of early release, that Propositions 47 and 57 and AB-109 has caused, making our communities less safe, with the increase of crime from criminals being released early from prison.
Increase In Crime in LA County
Criminals Released Due To Prop. 57 (Estimated)

Non-Violent Crimes (According to Sacramento)...

Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Violence, Hate crimes, Rape of an unconscious person, Arson, Human trafficking of children, Participating In a street gang, Assaulting peace officers with a deadly weapon.

The current realignment plan in our jails or “Early Release” has massive, gaping loopholes that continue to put our communities at risk. I will continue to fight to close these loopholes to protect local families.

I also support a one-strike law for sexually violent crimes and for sexual offenses committed against a minor.

Successfully fighting crime isn’t just about making sure we have enough police officers or deputy sheriff’s patrolling our neighborhoods, but how those officers and deputies are used. My first priority as your State Assemblyman will be to stop the noticeable increase in residential burglaries occurring in the San Gabriel Valley. I’ll also continue to work with law enforcement to make sure they have the funding and support to protect you, the resident, not the criminal.

I’m the only candidate running who has the experience to make our neighborhoods safe again and that’s why I earned the endorsement of the Professional Peace Officers’ Association (PPOA) and it’s over 8,700 members across Los Angeles County.
No New Taxes
cross California government at all levels has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Voters across Los Angeles County just passed Measure M which would create a .5% sales tax increase that will cost taxpayers $870 million, annually, and has no sunset. On the tails of that monumental increase, the Board of Supervisors has placed yet ANOTHER tax increase – this one would cost the taxpayers an additional $355 million a year.

As your State Assemblyman, you’ll always know where I stand on taxes – you pay too many of them. The government needs to learn to do everything it needs to with what it is given. I oppose this new reach into our pocketbooks and will do everything in my power to stand against it.
Stop Runaway Government Spending
Stop Runaway Government Spending: The government must stop spending more than it takes in. The government must stop spending money on frivolous projects while our roads and schools continue to deteriorate. Adding another tax to our fuel is hurting our hard-working residents and is not being spent where it was promised. We already have a “road tax” in place, use it to repair our roads, not new taxes!

I will fight for spending changes that require every government program to justify its existence each year. Those that cost more than the public good they produce should be eliminated.

I will also push to have an end-date applied to every program to eliminate perpetual government spending juggernauts that produce nothing.
Our elected leaders work for us and when people work for us we expect them to provide consistent updates on their work product – the State of California is no exception. As your State Assemblyman, I will incorporate several measures to enhance transparency.

At the end of the day I work for you and I want you to be satisfied that your government is being a good steward of the revenue you’ve entrusted us with.
The Economy
California has one of the highest income tax rate and the highest sales tax rate. It’s no wonder we also have one of the highest unemployment rates. California is rated at number 48 out of our 50 states as the worst state to run a business. We need to fix this and get business back to California for more jobs in our communities.

Making California’s tax code more competitive with the rest of the nation by cutting income and corporate taxes by 50%, will be one way to do this. This reduction is essential to attracting new businesses and retaining those businesses looking to move to Texas where there is NO income or corporate tax.

Streamlining our permitting processes so projects can move forward in a matter of weeks, not years.

Sun-setting all regulations so that they must continually come up for review. Recently proposed regulations that kill jobs must be offset by repealing existing regulations so that, at a minimum, all business-related regulations are job neutral.

Enacting royalty sharing with the cities and counties that approve new oil and gas development projects to promote more drilling, lower our energy costs, and create thousands of new jobs.

Increasing the property tax exemptions in Proposition 13 to lower property taxes for homeowners and inject more money into the economy.
We must get serious about this problem, or we’ll never solve it. The fact is, solving this problem starts by controlling our borders, first and foremost. I support fortifying the border with Mexico to protect Americans from drug and gang violence. A secure nation is every citizen’s right. We must always remember to treat everyone with compassion, but we cannot allow compassion to drive misguided policy.

I am fundamentally opposed to the Federal Government transferring undocumented immigrants in local municipalities because they allowed the problem to become too extreme. The local taxpayers and families, should not have their resources, for public safety strained because the Federal Government is derelict in its duty to control immigration at the border. Enforce our current immigration laws. We should not be breaking the law by being a “Sanctuary State,” as we are subjecting our state in losing federal funding that helps pay for many services in our state.
Restore Local Control For Education
We must return spending and curriculum decisions to local school boards. Sacramento has no business telling us here, in the San Gabriel Valley, how to run our schools. That’s why we elect local school boards - giving parents greater access to basic decision makers. I will remain resolute in my efforts to provide parents with greater control over their children’s future.